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MSP Mastered® Certification 

Even if you hate operations, hiring, or sales, the MSP Mastered® framework allows you to get more done, in less time, with fewer mistakes made along the way. The MSP Mastered® series is a FREE certification program to help you gain the skills you need to be a rockstar MSP. It creates clarity amidst chaos. 

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4 Levels, each comprised of 6 thought-leadership webinars covering the essential skills that, once acquired, will enable you to run your business the way you envisioned it.


Oct - Dec 2021 

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It's impossible for MSPs to grow with broken processes. 

With the proper framework in place, MSPs will:


Discover new ways of becoming more profitable by:

Grow your bottom line, starting with improving your existing deals with clients

Increase revenue fast, seizing low-hanging fruit opportunities you may be missing

Reinvent your business processes, outpace your competition with cutting-edge solutions

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Level 1 - Operational Fundamentals

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Understanding Your Financials

Staffing, Hiring & High-Performing Compensation Plans

Pricing and Bundling for Profit

Determining Your True Cost of Service Delivery and Profit

Optimizing and Integrating Your Business Platforms

Developing Effective Master Service Agreements and SOWs

Level 2 - Service Essentials

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Service Dispatch  for SLA Success and Max Tech Utilization

Proj. Management Best Practices to Eliminate Scope Creep & Seep

Service Desk Reporting and KPI Analysis

Service Desk Incident Escalation & Lifecycle Manag. for Resolution

Service Desk Management for Continual Improvement

New Client On-Boarding by the Numbers

Level 3 - Sales Mastery - NOW OPEN

Marketing and Lead Generation

Thur, Jul 15 - 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET | 17:00 GMT

Sales Prospecting and Appointment-Setting

Thur, Jul 29 - 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET | 17:00 GMT

Learn the highest ROI-generating marketing and lead generation strategies to fill the top of your sales funnel, along with top 10 marketing and lead gen activities your sales team should execute weekly for more qualified sales appointments. Know how, how often and when to ask for referrals from existing clients, along with best practices for requesting Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and other benefits from your vendors and distributors to help offset your marketing costs.

Discover successful appointment-setting and telemarketing techniques to get you past the gatekeeper and to the decision-maker. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to develop your ideal prospect target list and call script creation, scheduling, conducting call-downs correctly during your marketing campaigns to secure appointments for your IT solutions.

Sales Qualifying

Thur, Aug 12 - 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET | 17:00 GMT

Sales Proposal Development

Thur, Aug 26 - 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET | 17:00 GMT

What are the critical steps in the consultative sales process for technology services and solutions? Warming Up and Qualifying Prospects. We'll discuss the proper warm-up techniques and the 3 types of qualifying questions to use with your prospects that build the highest urgency and accelerate sales velocity, along with how to easily ask budgetary questions to ensure you scope and price your sales proposals properly to increase your sales closing ratio.

The quality and accuracy of your sales proposals can mean the difference between winning the business or losing out to a competitor. Unlock the best practices for effective Consultative Proposal development, covering what to include, what to exclude and the most effective layout to utilize to build maximum buying temperature in your prospect. Erick also reveals how to dramatically increase your sales closing percentage by adding 3 simple options to all of your sales proposals.

Delivering the Sales Presentation

Thur, Sept 16 - 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET | 17:00 GMT

Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale

Thur, Sept 30 - 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET | 17:00 GMT

Learn the 3 steps to a successful sales presentation: how to use tie-down questions and trial closes; how to present your Managed IT Services sales slide deck and proposal for maximum impact; and how to position the return on investment (ROI) and value on investment (VOI) of your solution correctly to amplify your prospect’s buying temperature and accelerate velocity towards the sales close

This session will cover 3 types of sales objections you’ll receive in any sales engagement in detail, and the simple 4-step process to overcome them successfully. Additionally, Erick covers how to close the sale correctly by simply asking your prospect for their business, and shares 7 Sales Power Closes and how to use them to win the sale with different types of tough buyers.

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After turning around his own MSP and selling it for a healthy multiple, Erick Simpson reveals a framework so powerful, some MSPs have cut their workloads by 50% in a matter of months by using it ...while still growing profit.

An MSP pioneer, Erick Simpson is one of the IT industry's foremost Managed Services, Cloud and Security Business & Channel Growth Experts, Influencers, Thought Leaders, Authors, Speakers, and Consultants in the Channel.




Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! Sessions will be highly engaging and interactive. Bring your burning questions and participate during live Q&A.

May I register to specific sessions instead of the full program?

You sure can. Select sessions are most pertinent to your role.

What if I register but can't make it?

It’s all good. Sign-up and you'll be able to catch-up with the recordings whenever it's convenient.

Can I register a friend or co-worker?

The more the merrier. Share this page or if you add their name,
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